Saturday, November 26, 2005

And So The Family Saga Continues...

I had to take my father to see his specialist on Wednesday. This time he had another memory test to check whether the Aracept is working and improving his memory or not.

The answer is not.

Only one point of difference from 4 months ago, and that was in the negative direction. He's also lost 5 kilos in the past 8 weeks, which is quite a concern. He gets to stay on the meds for another 8 weeks to see if he's a "late responder" but the Doc is not optimistic. Nor am I.

I briefed the doc on the situation at home, and with my wiley and tricksy Panda ways managed to convince the doc of the necessity for him to take responsibility for convincing my mother they need help. I've told mum the doctor wants to speak to her next Wednesday morning, first thing. I havent told her what about. And the best thing about my plan: I'm going to be away and uncontactable all next week, so she cant ring me up and abuse me after she gets off the phone from him.

I also told her that I would not be able to guarantee my availability to take dad to further appointments from now on.

As much as it pains me in one way to do it, I have successfully managed to extricate myself from the untenable situation of taking full responsibility for people who dont want to be helped.

Now I just have to ensure I dont get sucked back in. Although, with a Monkey on my team, I dont think thats going to happen.


  1. Oh, sweety... I'm SO happy you've found a way to extricate yourself from this horrible family situation... well... at least finding a way to lessen the burden.

    Have a wonderful getaway, kiddo! You SO deserve it.

  2. Cherice12:36 pm

    Well done Panda! Not only have you managed to extricate yourself but you've also developed a contingency plan for your family in place of your good self.


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