Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bellies! Get your bellies here!

Yes, I'm slack in the posting photos department. Since I'm now scared of Manuela, I have done as she ordered, and got the belly shots off the camera. At considerable faffing-aroundness to me, I might add.

Here's Spudly at 16.5 weeks:

And as a comparison, today at 18.5 weeks:

It doesnt look like there's been much change really, but when I look closely I can see that my belly is bigger overall and possibly a bit lower, rather than having changed shape.

Although, when you look at big pudding from the front, it definately looks more pregnant than fat.

The pyjamas are most fetching, dontcha think?

And by way of something more pleasing to look at than daggy peejays and a big belly, alpacas that live next to the in-laws:


  1. Lovely belly. Keep up the good work.

  2. You can see the difference from the last one you posted. It has moved further up.

  3. Can I have one? Do you take Paypal?

  4. hee! Love the bellies. And the alpacas too!

  5. I love it Panda - beautie!

    I must also add that, even without baby in belly, my gut looked about the same.... :( So if I ever need to disguise a pregnancy from anybody there will be no troubles. :)

  6. You look lovely, darling!

    Also, the 'jammies are smashing-and look comfy as hell-I'm jealous!



  7. Yah... that just looks like my belly on the best of days. But on pregnant YOU... adorable.

    And LOVE the Alpacas... I adore how they look like they're smiling!

    (And... um... you're not REALLY scared of me are you? Now I'm kinda worried that you might be...)

  8. Yay - you look wonderful darling. Keep on growing spudly. (and kicking Mum occassionally!). Take care hun - I can't believe you are nearly 19 weeks!


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