Thursday, August 25, 2005


In lieu of anything of note to write about (other than I have a new cordless phone so I never have to get out of bed again), I shall respond to some recent comments.

1. Spudly is indeed the new name for the Guinea Pig/Piglet. Courtesy of Princess Fanwah the Phantom Pooser.

2. Lala wants to know how I'm REALLY doing. Well, I'm REALLY tired, REALLY nauseous, REALLY bored, and REALLY brain-dead. I'm also REALLY amazed and gobsmacked that I'm pregnant, and REALLY REALLY happy.

3. I'm sorry, but I am not interested in data recovery systems, free downloads, debt consolidation, building muscle whilst losing weight, rose gardens, cheap satellite tv, nor, as hard as it is to believe, anything related to long island zip codes. I'm very glad you all think my blog is awesome and that you like my point of view. You may like to note, however, that since my point of view about spammers is to hang em high, I have now indroduced word verification on the comments. Future spammers will be tracked down and force-fed Spam.

4. The 3 people who voted that I should step away from the ice-cream lest I turn heiffer-shaped can kiss my lard-ass.

5. There is no point 5.


  1. Damn spammers! Where did they all come from all of a sudden? You can delete their "comments" by clicking on "Post a Comment" yourself, then you should see the little trash can. I just did this on my own blog. I'm loving Spudly.

  2. I LOOOVE it when you mention me by name! I feel like a star! heh

  3. also loving spudly! (and hating spammers)

    and who said step away from the icecream? Dammit girl! You neeed calcium! For two!

  4. I LOOOVE it when you mention me by name! I feel like a star! heh


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