Sunday, August 14, 2005


Is not just something disgusting in a can that my parents still eat.

Its also something I now get on my blog, cunningly disguised as a comment.

In response: thankyou for your visit. I am unable at this time to support our (well, your) troops by purchasing...whatever it is you're selling... This is because I cannot in any way support either the war in Iraq nor the continued presence of troops in that country. In addition, I believe that wearing a badge supporting the people who are responsible for killing innocent civilians is abhorrent.

Awaiting the backlash...


  1. AMEN!!!

    Panda... as a Canadian who is incredibly proud of the fact that our nation made the very controversial decision (in spite of heavy-handed pressure from our neighbour to the south) to stay OUT of Iraq... I say HURRAH!

  2. There is a disturbing fashion trend in the States where people put these magnetic 'ribbons' on their cars. The ribbons are like 8" tall and colored yellow (Support our Troops/Pray for our Troops), red, white and blue (our flag and yours), or some variation thereof. I've since seen pink ribbons (breast cancer), light blue (ovarian cancer), flame-patterned (support firefighters - hmmm, isn't that the excuse as to why we're in Iraq after 9/11?), black (POW-MIA), puzzle piece-patterned (autism) and God knows what else. These 'patriotic' magnets are available at gas stations and drugstores. You almost never see them alone, but in tandem with American flags or other symbols of imperialism.

    My favorite, however, is here!

    I remarked to my husband that the people who pioneered the ribbon awareness campaign were AIDS groups. How ironic, that these warmongers (excuse me, 'supporters') appropriated their symbol from a bunch of 'godless queers' (their phrase, not mine).

  3. What backlash?? I couldn't agree more! I wish i could send little hungry viruses to all spammers.

  4. Those magnets are a bane. I have a fantasy of stealing hundreds of them and slapping them on a big Hummer (because assholes drive them in NYC) then draping the hummer with a banner saying...

    "I Support Blood Shed for Oil".

    Alternately it would be good to make a mock magnet that looks exactly like the yellow ones and replace the "Support our Troops" line with "Support Blood for Oil" It would take some of those folks months to notice it if ever.

    There were three funerals this weekend for men who lost their lives. It's just pathetic and has to end soon.


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