Thursday, August 18, 2005

In which my brain stops working and I cant think of a snazzy title

We added a new edition to our family yesterday. A chicken called Tilly, courtesy of our neighbours. This is not just any chicken. This is the biggest chicken you've ever seen in your life.

Tilly is to regular chooks what regular chooks are to bantams. We call her Gigantor. She's currently sorting out the other girls, making sure they understand that Things Are Now Different Around Here. I think she might be part turkey.

I would go and take a photo to post, but that would involve effort on my part, so its not gonna happen.

I had great plans for yesterday. It was sunny so I thought I'd cut back the hedge, which is in danger of losing some limbs thanks to recent heavy rainfall. I got as far as finding the shears, sitting in the hammock to contemplate said hedge, and there I stayed for the rest of the day.

Todays great plans include doing some dishes so that there is a clear flat surface upon which food preparation can occur, and then preparing some food in the form of a Hearty Soup for dinner. We'll see how far I get. Last night's culinary delight was packet Macaroni Cheese.

I am discovering that making lungs and eyelids takes up a lot more energy than I expected, and also takes away the desire to give a crap about anything else. As a result, if at any point I dont post for a whole day or two, dont freak out. I will be trapped under something warm and fluffy and doona-shaped, marvelling at Oprah's hair.


  1. Panda - you enjoy that warm bliss name doona. Oprah's hair does require a great deal of Analysis and I say that you are the most appropriate person qualified to complete that job!

  2. Cherice3:52 pm

    Ah.. you've noticed the hormonal labotomy too! I sometimes feel like a blithering idiot. Start talking, stop, try desperately to remember what I was saying. Give up. Smile sweetly and go look for something to eat or drink. :) Mmm, Macaroni Cheese. Mmm. With chopped up tomato. Mmm.

  3. Rest up Panda, you need it for you have busy insides.
    Chook sounds cool. I have four. Xena chicken warrior is my favourite. She was the only survivor of my first four from an evil dog attack. Xena escaped and returned to tell the tale.

  4. Darlin'... making a baby... or Piglet... is job ENOUGH! Lounge as long as you can!

  5. Hmmm.....warm winter soup.


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