Sunday, August 07, 2005

Does This Make Me A Bad Person?

Thus far, I have successfullly managed to avoid aforementioned brother, who is staying with my parents until Monday.

Monkey Boy has this strange theory about the telephone: it's there for OUR convenience. This weekend, its not at all convenient to answer it. Nor is it convenient to have visitors, or get in the car and drive a nauseating 55km to my parents house.

Really, not only do I have issues with The Brother, but I'm also fucking exhausted all the time and nauseous most of the time. Now that Monkey Boy's busted shoulder is even more busted than usual, I have to do the majority of the driving, so I'd kinda like to keep that driving to an absolute minimum. I'm also getting more and more grumpy with the rising progesterone levels, and am thus very grateful indeed for the Prozac. No need to put myself in a grumpy-makng situation, therefore.

I'm trying to justify my decision to hide from my family for the weekend. Is it convincing? Do I care?


  1. Brother makes you sick. You're already sick. Why compound your misery and add to his joy?

    You're doing the right thing. Stay away.

  2. You don't need to justify anything. You are pregnant. That justifies anything you do. Really. Take advantage of it while you can.

  3. Not only does this NOT make you selfish... rather... it makes you a paragon of virtuous motherhood. Clearly. I mean... your absolute number one priority right now is to take care of your little Guinea Piglet... yes? And there have been studies that show that undo stress during pregnancy is a bad thing, right? So of COURSE you have to stay away from born-again-speeding-ticket-giving brother. I mean HONESTLY. For the sake of your Piglet you absolutely MUST stay away...


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