Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Did You Know?

That this blog is the top ranking site for the search ' existentialist meerkats'?

What I'd really like to know, however, is why Luke from Hobart (see Guestbook) was googling existentialist meerkats in the first place. Maybe that's just what they do down in Taswegia.

Did you also know that it is perfectly possible to be both starving hungry and feel like throwing up your toenails concurrently? Food is NOT my friend. However, I gotta say, I soooo could never be bulimic.

I know I had other stuff to write about, but its all...kinda...gone... Pfft! Maybe it has someting to do with being awake since 3am.

As my favourite slurry Jet would say: Bacon.


  1. Possible indeed, kiddo... I'm so bummed that you aren't feeling better yet... that's just shitty.

    And... what exactly would be the appropriate response to bacon? Eggs?

    How are things going with your mum and dad??? Been worried about all that...

  2. I love bacon.

    During luteal phase of my cycles - I can woof down a plate of burnt bacon, double fried eggs, tomatoes, spinach and possibly some hash browns daily.

    I was often asked if I was pregnant. I usually laugh nervously. Ah heh, ah heh heh heh.

    Sorry Panda - hope this doesn't make you feel sick.

  3. Sorry you are still feeling under the weather.


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