Monday, August 01, 2005

150-1 It's A Guinea Pig*

So. Tomorrow, we have an appointment with the gp, at which I will say "I'm going insane with paranoia, please give me an ultrasound NOW, and lets check the hcg while we're at it. "

To say I feel sick about it is an understatement. This week I'm either going to have the best birthday ever or the worst birthday ever.

Place your bets.

*For a few years I would dream that I gave birth to either kittens or guinea pigs, which I would always forget about and then find them dead.


  1. Hoping that tomorrow you get a picture of the guinea pig and good news. We could all use some good news round here.

  2. Oh!!! That dream!!! I've had variations of the same thing... cats, goats, these mutant alien things...

    Once I dreamed that I gave birth to a Basenji and was breastfeeding it...



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