Monday, July 18, 2005

Skippy a friend ever true....

Okay, okay, enough with the bagging of our wildlife before I send a Redback Spider over in the post! These we really DO have. Now, since there seems to be a whole conversation going on in the comments around Skippy, I thought I would share the following:

  • Skippy is a brand of peanut butter here too, which really pisses people off because they buy it thinking it must be Australian Made with a name like that, and then discover its made in China or somewhere. Dodgy.
  • Skippy was also the name of a very kitsch tv show in the 70's about a National Parks Ranger, his family, and their pet kangaroo called...Myrtle. No, really, it was called Skippy. His son, creatively called Sonny, was best friends with Skippy and would whistle on a gum leaf to call Skip to him. Skippy had a remarkable talent for finding little kids down wells and such. He was the Lassie of the marsupial world.
  • Skippy tastes delicious. The kangaroo, not the peanut butter. It has a slightly gamey flavour, and must be cooked medium rare at most. It melts in your mouth like this but if you cook it too much its like old boots. Best with a red wine sauce or somesuch. I cant believe they dont deem it fit for human consumption in Canadadia. Stupid hoosers, eh.
  • Despite claims by animal rights activists in other countries, we are not culling our kangaroo population to extinction, nor are they killed inhumanely. Indeed, compare the kangaroo industry to the beef industry and then talk to me about inhumanity towards animals. We have a massive population of roos, and in some areas they will completely destroy their own habitat by overgrazing. In others they pose a threat to graziers by eating all the stock feed. (Yes, I realise the irony of this situation.) In these areas they are culled by licensed roo shooters, quickly.
  • I used to own a coin purse in the shape of a Koala's head (complete with ears, eyes and a big nose) that was made from kangaroo fur. These days you can buy coin purses made from roo balls. I kid you not.
There will be a test later.


  1. EEEEEEEWWWWW! You actually WEAR this monstrosity you call a purse??

  2. I think what you guys call purses we call handbags, and what we call purses you call pocketbooks. So we dont wear it, its for carrying around in your handbag. Only tourists and sickos buy the roo testes things. Ugh!

  3. But still... it has its EARS and NOSE?

    Please... you have to take a pic of this...


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