Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8

Back in the day, 20 years ago now, I remember being on holiday in the UK with my mum when Live Aid happened. I spent all day/night watching the broadcast on teevee, jumping around my Aunt's loungeroom to such wonders of the music industry as Spandau Ballet (swoon) and the Boomtown Rats. It was absolutely awesome. It was history in the making and everyone new it.

Today, another history-making event will take place across the globe, this time to bring an end to global poverty.

This time, however, I dont get to experience watching these concerts unfold live on my teevee. The powers-that-be obviously think that we're such a bunch of ill-educated, selfish and racist hicks in this country now that we dont care about such things. Or perhaps our ultra-right-wing government doesnt want to have us exposed to too much left-wing anti-poverty propaganda.

NOT ONE network is showing Live 8 live. We get a 2 hour "package" tomorrow night of what Channel Nine thinks are the best bits. Doubt they will include A-Ha in that.



  1. cherice11:14 am

    Panda! Another A-ha fan! I cried and cried when my mother wouldn't let me go to their concert when they came to Adelaide. I missed Live 8. Did they show them?
    I had a huge scrap book of clippings and photos and my own drawings of Morten. LOL.Who was your fave? What a blast from the past. My mother is a beauty for throwing out everything so when I moved out of home and left a few things behind (including the scrap book) they got turfed. I still have the hilarious hysterical teen memories of myself though. :)

  2. Hehehe. I not only went to the concert, I got to meet them all too. Morten was definately my fave. I have their autographs on the tour programme and photos with all of them. Woohoo!

    Got to meet Spandau Ballet and Paul Young too.

    What a groupie.

    Sadly, I think I turfed all my groupie scrap books when I moved out of home.

    What an idiot.

  3. cherice8:51 am

    Ooh. If you could see me in person would you definitely see a shade of green in my complexion. My mum really has a lot to answer for now. I can remember telling her that I hated her. Ouch! I hope I never hear that one.

    How did you get to meet them? Competitions? Perserverance? Groupie priveleges? Spandau was one of my other all time faves.


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