Friday, July 15, 2005

Infertility is the new black*

Its not just me, I know its not. The world really has gone infertility mad.

Every time I turn the teevee on there's either a plot line about an infertile couple who now "have to" adopt or about miscarriage or neonatal death. There are stories on the news about how infertile couples are being ripped off by the IVF clinics charging too much (they highlighted our clinic, btw), or about how much harder it is for mere mortals to adopt from overseas, unlike for Angelina (who obviously just turned up one day and said "I'll have THAT one. Put it on my Visa." (joke!)

Then there's the latest offering from NBC (those doyens of sensitivity and taste). Be careful with this - you may burst a pfuffer valve.

Now, I'm sure I do not have to waste wordage in telling you that of these entertainment-worthy items was factually wrong.

Without even realising it, we've just become the Next Big Topic. Well, good. If they want to make entertainment out of the heartache and pain that we suffer, then I'll give them something to talk about.

When I get mad, I get really really mad, (though less so now, thanks to our NBF, Prozac). Then I start writing letters. Really good letters.

I'm starting to get mad, people....

* Monkey Boy, personal communication, July 14 2005


  1. Yeah, Angelina and her drive-thru adoptions! What about Sharon Stone. Probably only took her a few weeks to adopt her new baby and then she leaves her other kid in the limo with the driver while she dines out in London.

  2. So funny... I essentially wrote the same post a couple months back... I described infertility as the new lifestyle chic! Sort of like lesbian-chic from a few years back...

  3. Who knew we were queens of the zeitgeist???

  4. Steaming with anger along with you.

  5. I just left a comment on someone else's blog about this. I think the water supply has been tainted with some anti-pregnancy badness, kind of like in Batman Begins. We are the first generation world-wide to have these kinds of numbers struggling with IF. Look back in your own families...aren't there children everywhere?? Well, at least I look good in black.

  6. Paaaaaaan-daaaaaa!


    Where aaaaaaaaare yoooouuuu?


    I'm calling out my back door through the blogosphere... where are you? You ok???

  7. You know, if it were actually realistic, it might might have a chance be to some benefit to IF women-maybe here in the US it would spur our government to mandate health coverage for IF.

    Sadly, it won't. And, lets have a show that will probably gloss over IF and make it "real"-yeah, right.

    Great. Can't wait to see that on national television.

  8. Who knew we were queens of the zeitgeist???


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