Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pin the Rabbit on the Globe

Go over there ------->

See that flashing thingy that says View My Guestmap?

Click on it. Put yourself on the map. Leave me a comment about how great my blog is and how you await with antici-pation my next utterances.

Or not.

At least say hi.


  1. Done.... on the Flag list is a country called "IsleOfMan"

    Do you suppose they might have some men there? Where is the Isle of Man?

    Some googling produces this answer:
    The answer is that it lies in the Irish Sea, between England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, less than 60 miles west of the Lancashire coastline.

    Neato. Putting that on my list to visit someday. But before that Dubai!

  2. Do they have doobies in Dubai?


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