Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I've been using the Maybe Baby for the last 3 cycles, which tests your saliva for oestrogen levels. The oestrogen level increases sharply just before O and in the saliva this shows up as a very distinct fern pattern. I had no idea when I was ovulating coz I had all the signs but for months I just wasnt Oing at all. The Maybe Baby was $70 from a chemist, but unlike the other OPK's, you use it over and over. I find it very reassuring to be able to look in the little eyepiece and see fernulence (my new word of the year!). You have to do it first thing in the morning before you have anything to drink/eat. If you try to do it too soon after food or drink it gives a false reading. Especially after eating chicken - love those artificially plumped up chook breasts!

Got the BT result back this arvo and I definately ovulated, with a progesterone level of 72, which is a lot more reasonable than the 298 of last month! Now its the loooooong week wait for AF to show (or not).

I swear that if men had to go through a fraction of what we have to go through in ttc, there would be no babies. Yes, he had the SA this morning. Yes, he's a big girls blouse.

And after the next gynie visit where I get the huge probe stuck up my fanny while two other people watch, I'd better get a chocolate muffin too!

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  1. Hmmm.... here in Canada your post would mean that you're getting a big probe up the butt... Lucky for me I know enough Aussies to know what you mean...



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