Tuesday, May 24, 2005


That about sums it up.

In translation: After the pale pink show yesterday, hours later AF decided to pay me a visit in a really "sneak in through the back door and make herself comfortable in the lounge without even calling first" kind of way. Mole!

Still getting unusual pains, but am definately not pg. Seeing the gyno later today. Time to make some big decisions. I really feel like taking a break but at the same time dont want to wait any longer as I'm definately not getting any younger. Just so sick of this. I'm now in my 16th month of TTC.

Well, the *only* good thing about AF arriving is that now me and my mates who were going to the Kylie concert together can now get together and have our own Kylie concert at home and I can get right royally hammered!!!

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